• Date of Birth Sept 24, 1995
  • Role Opener/ top order batsman
  • Batting Style Left Handed
  • Bowling Style Right Arm Leg Break
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Meet the captivating force that's captured the imagination of American cricket –Ryan Scott! With a left-handed bat in hand, Ryan is a true spectacle on the pitch, renowned for his explosive hits that redefine the game. His audacious shots and unwavering composure in high-pressure situations make him a nightmare for every opposing team. As a young aspirant, Ryan initially looked up to baseball legends, but destiny had a different sport in mind – cricket. Drawing inspiration from icons like Hinds and Chris Gayle, Ryan is on a mission to infuse the American cricket scene with the same magnetic energy. His relentless pursuit of triumph is bound to etch his name in the annals of cricket history

Diving Deeper into Ryan's Realm

🏟Adored Cricket Franchises: From the Jamaica Tallawahs to the Mumbai Indians and the CSK – Ryan's allegiances transcend borders and leagues.

🌆Why Philadelphia Holds the Key: For Ryan, The Philadelphians aren't just a cricket franchise; they're a symphony of triumph! Imagine a team where camaraderie flows like a backyard BBQ, where teammates evolve into a closely-knit family. The Philadelphians epitomize the spirit of an all-American cricket experience – a fusion of passion, determination, and the sweet taste of victory.

🏆Ascending to Dazzling Heights : Ryan's journey saw him represent the USA in the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers and dazzle as a pivotal member of the Philadelphia Thunder

Ryan, your electrifying aura has set the American cricket stage ablaze, igniting waves of anticipation and fervor. We're placing our hopes on your colossal hits to steer us through those electrifying moments. The entire nation stands united in support of your endeavors, Ryan! Swing hard, play harder, and let your legend unfold!

#RyanRampage #PhillyProud #CricketRevolution 🏏




Runs Scored




Highest Score


Favorite Cricket Franchise

Jamaica tallawa/ Mumbai Indians/ CSK

Favorite Cricketer

Wavell Hinds/ Chris gayle

Favorite Hobby


Favorite Hollywood Movie Star

Kevin hart

Favorite Thing About Philadelphia

Not too crowded and the people there support you a lot in whatever you do.

Favorite Thing About The Philadelphians

The Philadelphians is a great cricket franchise with great people

Cricket Is

Cricket is my life pretty much.

One goal for the Minor League Cricket Season

To win the minor league and be the top scorer 😊

Class of 2023

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